Sharab Nashamukti Churn

Deeact MCN 30 (Gold)



2.Helianthus annus

3.Celatrus peniculatus

4.Holarrhena antidysenterica & etc

MRP:- Rs.900/

nasha mukti treatment

Deeact 30


1.pueraria tuberosa

2.Celatrus peniculatus

3.Bacopa Monnieri

MRP:- Rs. 500/-

nasha mukti kendra

Deeact 30 (Special)


2.Helianthus annus

3.Celatrus peniculatus

4.Bacopa monnieri


MRP:- Rs. 750/-

medicine traetment centre

Product Comparison Chart

Comparision Points Allopatic Treatment(Injection,Tablets etc.) Ayurvedic Powders on TV advertise Rehabilitation Centers Navjeevans Deeact MCN (gold) Podwer
Requirment of patient in clinic Yes No Yes No
Cost of medicines Rs 2000/- per month Rs 3000/-per month Rs.5000/-per month Rs 900/- Per month.
(For doctors and bulk orders rates are different)
Long term side effects Yes Not known No No
Success ratio 40 to 50 % 20 % 50 to 60% Almost 80%
Can it given in diabetes,heart disease etc. No Not Known Yes Yes
Ideal De addiction Treatment No No No Yes

How Can it be given?

Without Telling patient put 1 packet of powder into curry,curd,tea ,rice,chapatti or non veg or into any other food at night mostly.

And if patient himself want to take this medicine he can take it with normal water 1 or half plain spoon of powder at night with advice of our doctors.

Most of the patients are not willing to take this medicine themselves so it is more beneficial to give this medicine with food.